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Theatrical run of STRAIGHT TO HELL RETURNS continues. Now available on DVD and for download!

Microcinema to release EL PATRULLERO in spring; more films to follow.

In production on DENNIS HOPPER'S LAST MOVIE; working with Harry Harrison on script of BILL, THE GALACTIC HERO.


Mysterious absence of REPO CHICK. Universal's faux-sequal 'REPO MEN' prominently displayed.

Six films to be released by Microcinema in San Francisco, starting with SEARCHERS 2.0 in September. STRAIGHT TO HELL RETURNS, featuring added violence and mayhem and new insert shots by Tom Richmond!, at Halloween. Southwest and Pacific Northwest theatrical tours follow.

THREE DEAD PRINCES, a book by Danbert Nobacon, is published by Exterminating Angel Press in October. I am the illustrator of this anarchist fairy tale.


REPO CHICK was shot in LA, and is in post-production in San Francisco and Cascadia. She will appear on select screens before the end of the year, or know the reason why.

10,000 WAYS TO DIE, my short history of certain Italian Westerns, will be published by Kamera in June. It follows the desert bootprints of Giusti and Frayling and Hughes and Ishikuma.


WALKER is out now, on DVD from Criterion. It's a newly mastered version featuring additional documentary material by me, and a fantastic "making of" shot during production by Terry Schwartz, DISPATCHES FROM NICARAGUA. There are also stills archives, contributions by Miguel and Linda Sandoval, and a commentary by me and Rudy Wurlitzer.

WALKER will play as part of Film Comment's season at Lincoln Center on Thursday 28 Feb. The same evening there will be a screening of SEARCHERS 2.0 - both films will be followed by a Q&A with the director and, perhaps, other participants.

WALDO'S HAWAIIAN HOLIDAY, a graphic novel detailing the further adventures of REPO MAN's protagonist, comes out in February from Gestalt Comics. Illustrators are Chris Bones and Justin Randall. It's a great comic book: better-looking than the original; there's also a REPO MAN tribute album!

SEARCHERS 2.0 will be the opening night film at the Washington DC Independent Film Festival. Various exciting antics to follow over the next few days

And SEARCHERS 2.0 will be the closing film of the Bradford International Film Festvial on Saturday 15 March. This is a great festival in the best film venue in the UK, and I look forward to seeing you there.

X FILMS, my book about ten features I directed, comes out in Britain in late June/early July. The UK publisher is IB Tauris, and the American Soft Skull who have kindly made the introduction available on their website.

And TEN THOUSAND WAYS TO DIE, the Spaghetti Western tome I penned ten thousand years ago, will be published by Kamera books as a completely revised, chronological history. Date t.b.d.

No news yet re. US distribution of SEARCHERS 2.0. All will be revealed, maybe, anon.



The Alex Cox feature SEARCHERS 2.0 will play at the Venice Film Festival September 2007.

Go to the official SEARCHERS 2.0 website for details.


The British Film Institute has released two new boxed sets of four films, HIGHWAY PATROLMAN, STRAIGHT TO HELL, THREE BUSINESSMEN, and DEATH & THE COMPASS. All films are with audio commentaries, and additional elements.

The first set consists of STRAIGHT TO HELL and DEATH & THE COMPASS, with the same elements as the Anchor Bay release in the US. This is the livelier and more colourful of the two packages.

The second is the more intellectual package - consisting of two long-take features, EL PATRULLERO and 3 BUSINESSMEN.

HIGHWAY PATROLMAN is accompanied by a new documentary, PATRULLEROS Y PATRULLERAS, about the actors and crew. 3 BUSINESSMEN has a new documentary, featuring me, Miguel Sandoval, Bob Wisdom and others, about long takes and the process of watching the picure, called HOW TO WATCH THIS FILM. If you can only afford one, this is the box to get your loved one for Xmas.

The BFI has done a really nice job of both, and I'm very grateful to them.


September 2005

After releasing a 'vanilla' version of the REPO MAN DVD last year, Universal are putting together an Improved DVD, with new elements, for release early next year - motivated, I think, by the well-attended screening of the new 35mm print, at the Egyptian, in Hollywood, last August.

In addition to the existing audio commentary which Sy Richardson, Michael Nesmith, Vicky Thomas, Dick Rude, Del Zamora, Zander Schloss and I did for the Anchor Bay DVD, the re-reissued DVD will include three new documentaries about aspects of REPO MAN, directed by Jonathan Wacks, Peter McCarthy, and me.

Due to Universal's policy, none of us receive directing credits. Let's see if you can guess who directed which!

Wacks and McCarthy were the producers of REPO MAN, of course, and later directed features of their own. It's the first time we've worked together since, so the new DVD elements will be a potentially tearful trip down memory lane.

Also involved are Harry Dean Stanton, Zander, the Nez, and Sam Cohen, inventor of the Neutron Bomb.

Release date for the new REPO MAN DVD is, tentatively, January 2006.



Alex Cox has been asked to direct the 2006 Green Party Election Broadcast for local government elections in England in April 2006. The 2005 Green Party election broadcasts for Scotland, England and Wales were directed by Cox and produced by Kim Ryan of Cohiba productions, in Liverpool.

There were five different 4 minute, 40 second broadcasts - one for the UK, one for Scotland, one for England, and two, in different languages, for Wales. All were shot and edited by Jah Jussah, at Toxteth TV.

The 2005 broadcast featured the actor Carla Henry, and music by Franz Ferdinand. The 2006 broadcast will be quite different, Cox promises.

(When the 2005 election broadcast went out, Channel 4 screened it with the subtitles of a rival party, the right-wing UKIP.)

The Green Party of England and Wales can be found here,
and the Scottish Greens can be found here.

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