Alex Cox
Born outside Liverpool, 15 December 1954. 
Studied at Wirral Grammar School; Worcester College, 
Oxford; Bristol University; and UCLA.

1980 -- directed EDGE CITY aka SLEEP IS FOR SISSIES (40 minutes, UCLA).

1983 -- wrote and directed REPO MAN in Los Angeles.  Produced by Peter McCarthy and Jonathan Wacks, it opened at the Berlin Film Festival the following year.

1984 -- Co-wrote SID & NANCY with Abbe Wool;  directed it in 1985, produced by Eric Fellner and Peter McCarthy.  Screened at the Cannes Festival.

1986 -- co-wrote, with Dick Rude, and directed STRAIGHT TO HELL in Almería, Spain, produced by Eric Fellner.   Received the Critics' Prize, awarded by Sergio Leone, at the Madrid Festival.

1987 -- directed WALKER in Nicaragua and Tucson, Az., produced by Lorenzo O'Brien, from a script by Rudy Wurlitzer, in collaboration with the Sandinista Government.   Screened at the Havana Film Festival, the Torino Festival, and in competition at Berlin.

From 1987 to 1994, presented the BBC TV series "Moviedrome"

1991 -- directed EL PATRULLERO (HIGHWAY PATROLMAN) in Mexico, from Lorenzo O'Brien's script.   Roberto Sosa received Best Actor award at San Sebastian / Donostia.

1996 -- completed DEATH & THE COMPASS, produced by Karl Braun, a Mexican/British/Japanese  co-production based on the short story by Jorge Luis Borges, shot in Mexico City.     

1998 -- directed THREE BUSINESSMEN in Liverpool, Rotterdam, Hong Kong, Japan, and Albaricoces, Spain, for Tod Davies' Exterminating Angel Productions.

1999 -- directed KUROSAWA, THE LAST EMPEROR, a biography of the Japanese director, for Channel 4, VPRO and the Independent Film Channel.

2000 -- directed EMMANUELLE - A HARD LOOK, about the celebrated softcore series, for Channel 4.

2001 -- directed REVENGERS TRAGEDY, in Liverpool, for BARD Entertainments / Exterminating Angel. The screenplay was by Frank Cottrell Boyce, based on the play by Thomas Middleton.

2002 -- directed MIKE HAMA MUST DIE! - episode 11 of a 12-part TV detective series, HAMA MIKE, in Yokohama, Japan.

2003 -- co-artist-in-residence at St Johns College, Oxford; directed I'M A JUVENILE DELINQUENT - JAIL ME! - a half-hour drama for BBC Education, for Hurricane Films. 

2004, 2005 -- directed national election broadcasts for the Green Party in England, Wales, and Scotland.

2006 -- directed and wrote SEARCHERS 2.0, set on the road from LA to Monument Valley, AZ. World premiere, Venice, 2007, US premiere AFI/AFM, Los Angeles; UK premiere Bradford.

2008 -- author of two film-related books, XFILMS and TEN THOUSAND WAYS TO DIE.

2009 -- directed, wrote and produced REPO CHICK.

2010 -- supervised HD transfer of STRAIGHT TO HELL and its reconstruction, as STRAIGHT TO HELL RETURNS.

Actor in various films including BACKTRACK, directed by Dennis Hopper, LA REINA DE LA NOCHE, directed by Arturo Ripstein, PERDITA DURANGO and THE OXFORD MURDERS, directed by Alex de la Iglesia, and LA LEY DE HERODES and UN MUNDO MARAVILLOSO, directed by Luis Estrada.

Co-author, with Tod Davies, of the screenplays BACKTRACK, RESTLESS, FEAR & LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS and KIETH MOON.  Co-author with Rudy Wurlitzer of the screenplays BODY PARTS and ZERO TOLERANCE.  Writer of four GODZILLA comic books.   Co-author, with Stan Lee, of the screenplay DOCTOR STRANGE. 

Film-related articles for The Guardian, The Independent, Film Comment, and Sight & Sound.